Stage Fright

warm & fuzzy at its best

The first call to action in the Benevon model is a “sizzling Point of Entry” to quote Benevon founder, Terry Axelrod. Ours is. So I hear. Warm & fuzzy. And fruitful. We’ve gotten spontaneous donations, gifts in kind from our wishlist, offers to do fundraisers for specific programs of interest, and much needed volunteers. Did 2 back to back in different towns today with the ED. Both pretty well attended. 2 board members attended. And brought guests! Huge breakthrough. Showed video clips of interviews I shot. Kind of raw and effective. So what’s the problem? I hate public speaking. I get nervous. The doorbells rings and I lose my place. I’ve been too busy to properly rehearse and I feel like a mess. I know it’s not as bad as I think because the feedback on the event is great. But I hate it.  I’m hoping it gets better.


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