Less is more

In the 20’s, Hemingway won a bet that he couldn’t write a story in 6 words. He declared “For sale: baby shoes, never worn” his finest work. Students First found a winner for its contest to describe a great teacher. I voted for this one. Also from the runners up– “All 30 students raised their hands” was among my favorites.

A direct mail solicitation that is almost done has gotten longer and longer as everyone added a little something. It is now two pages but  lots of white space. I caved on my idea of a non letter format making finding an alternative to Dear Friends a must. I did, however, put my foot down and declared there will be no string of PS, PPS’s  at the end, like I couldn’t figure out how to end the thing.

As my distress of too many words reached a frenzy, my daughter sent me a TED talk on the subject. Apparently, I am in good company.

Sebastian Wernicke 1000 TED talks, 6 words


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