Holy Birkenstocks, Batman!

Deutsch: Birkenstockschuhe. Español: Zapatos B...

Right after our staff meeting which I got to end before noon, a record, the board president came rushing in all excited with the good news that they hired a new executive director. And she was coming to meet us. Any minute. Thanks for the heads up.

She gives us a rundown of the resume, conspicuous lack  of business experience or fundraising, lots of created a psychodrama theater group and the like, adjunct professor at local college, psych hospital, etc.  And right on cue, the doorbell rings. Lo and behold, our new executive director– who looks exactly like a younger version of our board president, a very lovely woman of indeterminate age probably somewhere in her 60’s, grandmotherly, a former 2nd grade teacher with a penchant for sensible shoes.

We have an organization which is an administrative mashup, underfunded, and overextended from committing to grant funding then creating the programming to fit.  We are hardly visible to the public and have a minuscule, although growing, individual donor base to provide the unrestricted funds which fill in where the grants leave off.  Too many administrative necessities are destined for the wish list. The staff got a 1.5% cost of living increase after 4 years of nothing and everyone works part time so no health insurance.

And how does this make me feel? Like I will be job hunting in a few months!