Deer in the Headlights

Deer in headlights

My interim month as executive director has come to an end. Some petty stuff to settle like mileage policy (okayed flexibility to googling exact mileage as opposed to the generic chart of approximate miles) and deferred bigger issues (impending removal of 4 poor performers in one program area) to new ED. Who has arrived! Very nice but a little deer in the headlights. Results on job prospects–looking elsewhere for a good fit and a place that can pay me full time, but no rush. Finishing video (which is killer makes me well up every time), details, and scripts on our upcoming breakfast fundraiser. Big push getting the board on board that fundraising is an important part of being on a board. That I am even having this conversation is astounding to me.  I don’t get it. What do people think is expected of them when joining a board?

When it rains, it pours


Just when you think things are going well! Our Executive Director announces she is moving on to greener pastures. I can’t say I blame her. Despite all her achievements, its an uphill battle.

But we are now minus one visible, visionary leader, a real downer in terms of marketing.

I’m  5 months into an organization with so many holes to plug that prioritizing has become now, urgent, and emergency. And I work part time!

To laugh, I have been offered the position of interim Executive Director until the board can find a replacement. I’m good, but that’s pretty desperate. Now let’s talk board–I have been to 5 board meetings. There are too many board members I’ve never met and a handful I’ve seen once. Enticing!

On the other hand, tuition is a mighty powerful persuader.